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Shahmaran Necklace

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Story: This is a necklace with an ancient story. Legend says thousands of years ago there existed a wise snake woman, Shahmaran, who loved a traveler named Tasmasp. He was in love with her. He listened to her wisdom and stories. But when he thought she had no more stories to tell, he decided to return to his country, however he took Shahmaran with him and hid her. When Tasmasp returned to his land, the king had become very ill. One of the king's advisers exclaimed that the only way to recover was to eat Shahmaran. They took people, one by one, into the hamam to see if snake scales would come up, and when Tasmsp went, he was forced to tell where Shahmaran was hiding. When they found her, she said, "whomsoever takes a bite from my snake scales will gain the secrets of the world, but whomever takes a bite of my head will die instantly." Tasmasp took a bite of the head and the evil helper took a bite of the scales, but the helper died, and Tasmasp was not affected at all. Shahmaran had helped her lover while simultaneously killing her enemy.[5][6]
In Turkey, Shahmaran is believed to live in the Mediterranean town of Tarsus. A similar legend is told in the Mardin region. In this region her legend is commonly evoked, with her image still depicted in embroidery, fabrics, and jewelry.
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Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Figure Size : 2 x 2 inches

Method : Natural stones has been crushed into tiny pieces. Mosaic method has been used by using these pieces side by side. 

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