925 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Necklace On Sale

925 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Necklace

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Brand: Zenn Stone
size: 4.00 W × 4.00 H × 4.00 L
Availability: Usually ships within 3-5 Days
Story: A fascinating beauty, necklace by ZENN STONE. The necklace crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and featuring popular shapes decorated with mother of pearl and zircon natural stone.
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Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Stone    : Mother of Pearl and Zircon 

Weight  : 3.65 gr.

Height   : 28 mm

Width    : 20 mm

Chain Length : 45 cm

Delivery time : Will require 3-5 days of processing time

Product Box   : Your necklace will arrive with a protective gift box in Zenn Stone Logo

Mother of Pearl and Zircon Stone Properties: The natural stones is very useful for regulates the digestive system and which is good for organs such as very thin and large intestines. These lovely gemstones are said to promote imagination in a healthy and positive manner. The stones helps to ease the problem of insomnia by providing comfort and peace and provides a comfortable sleeping. The natural stones that accelerates mental functions.They have been reported to promote intuitive powers and to stimulate all psychic development and intuitions and they are known as an emotional balancer. The stones provides benefit for nervous system. They are regulates the energy balance of the person. They increases the appetite of people who are unable to lose weight and provides a balanced eating and drinking. You will see many benefits with the positive energy of the zircon stone, you have to use the stone by touching it so you can see these benefits. Both the Zircon and Mother of Pearl are known to be very healing to the body in general.

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